The Chain Link Fence – Affordable And Versatile

A chain link fence is perfect to secure areas and define property lines. Chain link fencing is a popular and inexpensive choice to secure your property. The open structure of the material does not block sunlight or the line of view. It is a fencing material that has been used for nearly 200 years.

Origins Of The Chain Link Fence
Chain link is also called wire netting, wire mesh, chain-wire, cyclone fencing, diamond-mesh fencing, and hurricane fencing. It was first patented in the United Kingdom in 1844 by a firm by the name of Barnard & Bishop.The concept for the fence weaving machine was based on a process originally used to manufacture fabric.

In 1891, Anchor Post Fence Company brought the machines and technology to the United States. At that time, Anchor Post Fence company purchased the rights, and the United States patent, becoming the only company at the time to manufacture the fencing.

Chain Link Fence Construction
Not much has changed about the process of weaving, the moniker for chain link manufacturing. Most of the chain link is constructed from steel wire that is galvanized. The galvanizing protects the steel wire from oxidation, rust, or corrosion. Newer construction methods utilize other coatings like vinyl coating and polyester powder coat. They act in the same way as the galvanized wire, but have a smoother feel and look. Polyester powder coat can be colored allowing you to choose the color of the fencing.

This type of fencing is used to secure an area without obstructing the view. This feature makes it a favorite material to use for baseball fields, soccer fields, and other sports arenas. It keeps the playing area secure while permitting spectators to view the other side of the fence unhindered.

It is a less expensive fencing material, much cheaper than wood or vinyl fencing. This is an ideal material if you need to fence in a lot of areas. Another benefit of this fencing lies in one of its names. The names cyclone and hurricane fence were given because of the fences ability to withstand gale force winds.

It is very easy to customize the length and height of wire-mesh fencing, making it suitable for any size or shape area.