Enjoy The Benefits Of Fiber Cement Siding

42078935_LR_070821_020-RT_LRThe siding on your home or commercial building does much more than give it good looks. Siding also should be a major ingredient in the protection from the elements and the heat and cold spells your structure faces every day.

So when you are considering the siding for new construction or for replacement, it is important to look at all of your options to get the best protection for the price.  Choose a siding contractors that you can turn to for the best and most reliable information. A good contractor will guide you in your selection and give you a complete and free estimate that will include the installation price as well as the time frame for completion.

Look for a siding contractor that specializes in the installation and repair of James Hardie fiber cement siding.   Fiber cement siding has gained the unqualified support of environmentalist groups because it is far more eco-friendly than aluminum or vinyl and will add value to your structure in ways wood simply cannot match.

For example, fiber cement siding, unlike wood, is highly fire resistant. It has a zero smoke development number and a zero flame spread index. In addition, cement fiber is naturally impervious to termites and other intrusive insects. It also acts as additional insulation, helping to lower heating and cooling costs.

Easily painted to match your preference, fiber cement also is extremely durable against frost, rain, and humidity. It will not crack or warp under conditions that would defeat other siding systems, meaning it will save you money long-term on repairs and replacements. This benefit alone will give you a solid return on your investment by adding to the value of your home when it comes time to sell. In fact, studies have shown that adding fiber cement siding gives a 25 percent higher return than adding a bathroom, and at far less cost.

Environmentalists are impressed with the recycling element involved in the manufacture of fiber cement siding, which helps reduce the waste created by the construction industry. The end product also is free of asbestos and toxic components.

Contact a siding contractor to show you all the ways fiber cement siding can improve the performance, appearance, and value of you home.

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