Importance of Having an Immigration Lawyer

immigration lawyerIn comparison to other categories of attorneys, the duties of an immigration lawyer are unique, to some extent. As suggested by their title, the majority of immigration lawyers spend a great deal of time assisting individuals who are experiencing difficulty with aspects of their immigration requirements.

The main role played by these professionals is one of a counselor or non-citizens who have to interact with immigration authorities in the United States. They provide clients with guidance and advice on matters like employment for non-citizen, citizenship and naturalization, green cards, visa applications and deportation issues.

These lawyers spend a lot less time dealing with civil disputes in court compared to other categories of lawyers. Instead, immigration lawyers typically serve as mediators between clients and the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) and other immigration authorities. However, immigration lawyers appear before immigration judges to represent clients who are facing immigration hearings. In addition, a number of immigration lawyers deal with matters that involve an interaction between criminal laws and immigration.

The majority of individuals hire an immigration lawyer to assist them in submitting an application for immigration documents like a green card or visa. This is particularly true when the individual does not completely understand the different requirements of immigration law.

There are particular instances when it is absolutely necessary to hire an immigration lawyer. Two of these instances are:

You Have Been Denied Prior Immigration Applications

In this situation, an immigration lawyer has the capacity to figure out the reason for the denial. Additionally, they will be able to tell whether a re-application or appeal is possible at some point in the future.

• When the Application is Taking an Unreasonably Long Time to Process

Immigration lawyers have in depth knowledge of the application processes, which include waiting times and deadlines. From time to time a lawyer can assist the applicant in obtaining rush or expedited processing.

Immigration matters are often difficult to understand and otherwise complex. A number of applications take many months or years to complete. An immigration lawyer can assist you with any issue regarding immigration laws or procedures.

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