Maintaining Your Heating And Air Conditioning Equipment

All electro mechanical equipment, especially air conditioners and furnances or heaters have a mean time between failures (MTBF). They will cease functioning properly unless you get them serviced regularity. Can you imagine spending winter nights in freezing temperatures or suffering in hot and humid conditions during the summer season if your equipment breaks down? You can prevent this from occurring by choosing a skilled professional HVAC contractor, and seeking his help to properly maintain them to ensure that they work efficiently and effectively.

Never attempt to do the job yourself
You should never attempt to try to fix these systems yourself as they contain parts that require specialized equipment to diagnose.

Your best option is to seek the help of a company that specializes in maintaining and fixing HVAC equipment. Remember, servicing your HVAC system prevents them from breaking down when you need them the most, ensures that they run efficiently, and increases their life span too.

Choosing a HVAC contractor

Here are some points you should check before choosing a HVAC contractor:

  • Check the number of years the company has been in the business
  • Ensure that they have a valid trade license.
  • Are they recommended by the original equipment manufacturer, to carry out repair work
  • Confirm whether the contractor offers a warranty on repair work.
  • Check if the contractor has valid insurance coverage.
  • Do they offer after hours emergency service?

Maintenance contracts – something to consider.
You can save money by signing up an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with a reputable HVAC contractor. Doing so means that they will send their personnel on a pre determined frequency to carry out cleaning and maintenance work on your equipment, thereby, enhancing its life.

Properly choosing a HVAC contractor, apart from ensuring that your HVAC system works efficiently also saves money on monthly utility bills. What more could you ask for?