Do You Really Need A Home Inspection?

Home InspectionWhen making a real estate purchase, it is important to ensure that the property you intend to buy is in good condition. As such, it would be wise to hire a qualified home inspector to help you inspect a property. Below are some of the main reasons why you need a home inspection.

Comply With Real Estate Transfer Requirements

In Boise, Idaho, a property buyer is expected to conduct a home inspection and inform the seller about any problems identified before the two parties enter into a legally binding contractual agreement.

Identify Material Defects

A home inspector can identify any material defects that could have a negative impact on the value of a property or create a health and safety issue. A good example is a structural defect such as a foundation crack that could require expensive repairs in the future, or even worse, cause the building to collapse.

Comply With Mortgage Pre-Qualification Requirements

The majority of mortgage lenders in the US make their lending decisions based on inspection reports. As such, most lenders require borrowers to submit home inspection reports done by licensed inspectors.

Anticipate Future Repairs

As a property buyer, you use an inspection report to anticipate and prepare for future repairs because the report typically covers elements such as the electrical system, heating and cooling system, plumbing system, as well as structural components including the foundation, basement (if present), walls and flooring.

Property Valuation

A home inspection report will help you determine whether the asking price for the property is high, acceptable, or low. With this information, you would be able to make a counter offer, close the deal immediately, or continue looking for a suitable property.

Legal and Insurance Protection

A property inspection report can protect you against lawsuits filed by a mortgage lender or a neighborhood association. What’s more, you can use the report to negotiate with home insurance agents for better terms.


Some of the key benefits of undertaking a home inspection include complying with property transfer requirements, identifying material defects, complying with mortgage pre-qualification requirements, anticipating future repairs and verifying the asking price for the property.

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