Two Ways Residential LED Lighting Will Change Your Life

kitchen-led-lightingWhat’s all the fuss about Residential LED lighting? These innovative little bulbs, made of little lights once relegated to key chains and tiny flashlights as a novelty, are now exploding onto the world’s lighting market for their long-lasting and budget-friendly performances when compared to incandescent light bulbs. LED lighting is both long-lasting and inexpensive, and it is the perfect solution to your next lighting project. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor LED lighting situation, LED lighting will serve you beautifully. Read on to find out more about how LED lighting can turn your home into a bright and welcoming space in more ways than one.

Residential LED lighting is beloved for its ability to last over twenty times as long as the traditional incandescent bulbs. That’s right…whereas a standard incandescent bulb will serve your home faithfully for around 1,200 hours, an LED bulb lasts for over 25,000 hours, shining on beautifully. Naturally, who wouldn’t want to change a light bulb less times over the course of their life? But this also affects more than just personal comfort.

These amazing light sources are also much kinder on your wallet than their incandescent counterparts. Although the initial cost of purchasing residential LED lighting may seem drastic compared to the cost of incandescent bulbs, in the long run, your electric bill will thank you. Such a switch has been discovered to save homeowners hundreds of dollars’ worth of money, mainly because LED lighting runs on less electricity. In fact, did you know that incandescent light bulbs require over six times the amount of electricity than LED bulbs? Obviously, this means that your electric bill will be drastically reduced simply by switching over to residential LED lighting.

One of the best manufacturers of LED lighting profiles and extrusions is KLUS Design.  They are dedicated to providing you with all the tools and equipment, supplies and parts that you may need to make the switch over to Residential LED lighting as smooth and easy as possible.

Incandescent bulbs are a relic of the past, but Residential LED lighting will carry you far into the future. Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect fit for all your lighting needs.

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