Bumble Bee Jewelry Gifts

For centuries, bumble bees have represented three of the most important things in our world today – heart-guided wisdom, unconditional love and the journeys that we all must travel in this world. Right now, we all know someone in our lives who is going through their own unique journey and trying to navigate the skies they find bellowing against their wings.

Some of these skies are simply new terrain. Meanwhile, others are flying against skies that are suddenly so much stormier than they deserve.

If you have a loved one in your life that needs a reminder that they are loved and never alone in their journey, here are 3 bee-autiful gift ideas for every fellow traveler on your list…

For the Friend Who Needs a Fresh Start

Starting over can be difficult, scary and lonely – but only if we forget that we have friends who are there to help us along the way.

If you or someone you love knows how it feels to need to begin again, a fossilized ivory bee jewelry pendant dripping in garnet and silver, otherwise known as the Glory Bee, is the perfect gift for the friend who needs to be rejuvenated whether in heart, body, mind or spirit. In fact, garnet symbolizes rejuvenation and a fresh start. With silver wiring and fine detail, this little pendant will fly its way right into the heart of a friend who needs it most.

For the Friend in Need of Joy

Life is difficult and sometimes finding our joy is so much harder than we wish it were. Sometimes this feeling is as simple as the blues and other times, it is as dramatic as not wanting to face the day, living in our grief and having to force ourselves up from bed each day.

When a loved one is feeling this down and out, we want so badly to take their pain and carry it for them. So, while we know that we can’t, we look for symbolic ways to say that we wish we that we could.

This is where our fossilized walrus ivory with blue topaz pendant – Morning Bee – found its wings. In fact, blue topaz has always carried with it relaxing energy and some cultures even believed that it had the power to chase away sadness.

While stuff can’t fix the things that are broken, it can remind us that we are not. Wearing a pendant around your neck, especially bee jewelry is known for its guidance in the journey, can remind us that we may have farther to fly but that this adventure is one that we never fly alone.